Goods received. For his money works fine. Seller recommend.
In general, there are cheaper analogs. Upset only one kind of input power. Only through terminals. Could make and 8.5mm connector. Includes a train for built-in mother audio. And so the components are normal. Will sound just like a cheaper analog. But there is a very large radiator, let it be screwed sideways. However, these chips are heated only if the whole yard includes music. Thermal paste under the chip is not visible. I'm not sure it's there.
Delivery 3 weeks in the item DPD. Packing in poperka and package. I expected that the board will be in an antistatic package, it turned out to be an ordinary p/e, i hope it will not affect the performance. The board looks normal, which obvious jambs are not. The chip is attached to the radiator with a screw without clearance. I'll check for paste later. While checking in the work is not possible. In general, I can recommend to buy. The seller think about the packaging. In general, buy here.
Fed for computer BP test 12.2V, speakers Sven Royal 1R (6 om), output audio card Asus Xonar St. Because of the inseparable power, the amplifier catches pc interference, so need a separate power supply. Compared through the Channel with the built-in amplifier of the speakers, the new one sounds slightly more detailed and wider in the range, not enough, but high slightly legible, and the bass is more detailed. Volume from 12V, with a decent signal preamplifier on the usual room is enough with a lighter for computer acoustics of the game/music/movies, regulator 30-40%. After 70% will be heard distortion. Who needs more-power 15-18v and cooling better. In the usual mode, the radiator is slightly heated. The assembly is good, not without heat. Check the nozzles. Got a regulator or a pen a little "eight". The bolt is long for the chip, bulges the rib. There is a gap between the mikrukhoy and the radiator, the thermal paste is definitely and the bolt is shorter. In general, a good product, better than much that is worth in computer columns.
Bondarchuk Georg
Up to SPB less than a month, it works, the quality is normal, the sound is bass-like analog even, it plays nice, pital 18V, no background noise.

Lusya TDA7377 Amplificateur Numérique de la Carte Audio 2*30W Stéréo en Classe AB Amplificator Pour les 4-8 ohm haut-Parleur DC9-18V C2-006


SKU: b1079

TDA7377 Amplificateur Numérique de la Carte Audio 2*30W Stéréo en classe AB pour les 4-8 ohm haut-Parleur DC9-18V

Caractéristiques: 2*30W Classe AB voiture Amplificateur de tension: DC9-18V, recommandé 12V puissance de Sortie: 4 à 8 ohms haut-parleurs Maximum 2x35W stéréo (18V4 ohms) méthode d'Entrée: entrée audio 3,5 mm / 3P d'extension du port d'entrée: Protection: puissance d'entrée protection inverse, court-circuit, au-dessus du courant, une surchauffe de taille de carte PCB: 58.67*55.12 mm Potentiomètre bouton d'ouverture: 7mm Globale (y compris le dissipateur de chaleur): (longueur * largeur * hauteur) 90.56 * 55.12 mm * 26.65 mm coque en Acrylique est des kits de BRICOLAGE, doit assembler par vous-même Package: 1x TDA7377 amplificateur de puissance conseil 1x 3P d'entrée audio câble blindé

  • Numéro De Modèle: tda7377
  • Le Nom De La Marque: LUSYA
  • La Certification: AUCUN
  • Taille: 58.67*55.12mm
  • Type: Amplificateur Numérique De La Carte Audio
  • Package: No
  • Canaux: 2 (2.0)
  • Puissance Maximale Par Canal: 30w
  • Origine: CN(Origine)

Mots-clés: v amplificateur à tube, hifi amplificateur fet, headphon amplifi, amplificateur de haute puissance, bluetooth tpa3116, audio de voiture, module amplificateur conseil, tpa3116d2 amplifi conseil, 300b psvane, pure audio de l'amplificateur.

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